How to Select your Bridal Tan

As a Bride to Be you want everything to be just perfect on your wedding day and a spray tan is one of those beauty questions – Should I, or shouldn’t I?
Ok I am here to help…. Let me calm your nerves and remind you that with new spray tan technology, and experienced applicators or therapists, the results are more natural and better then ever before. Here are my top golden rules to apply by when getting your beautiful faux glow on ready for your big day!
1) When choosing a professional Spray Tan Technician ask questions – What solution do you use? Will your solution suit all skin types? Do you specialize in Bridal tanning? Will the results look natural? Do you have a portfolio of pictures of Bridal tans you have done previously?


Asking questions will give you confidence when choosing a technician, which will then allow you to move onto step 2.
2) Book a trial tan. Just like a bridal hair and makeup trial a spray tan trial is highly recommended. I suggest having your spray tan trial a day or 2 days prior to your hair and makeup trial to see your all over desired look. This will also allow your makeup artist the opportunity to skin match with the right foundation colour. You want to choose a tan that will give you a shade darker then your natural skin tone and that will also give your skin a beautiful healthy radiance. Being a Bride is all about looking natural, soft and pretty.

3) Preparation is everything when planning your wedding day and looking after the condition of your skin is also one of them. A few months prior to your wedding date start exfoliating your skin regularly, hydrate your skin with moisturiser after every shower and drink plenty of water. These steps will give you a great canvas for your spray tan to sit upon giving you a smooth, flawless coverage. Your spray tan technician will advise you on the before and after care prior to your appointment.

4) Book your final spray tan two days before your wedding day. With my experience in spray tanning your tan will look its most natural after 48 hours and any excess bronzers would have had the opportunity to wash away after a couple of showers. This will protect the fabric on your dress from staining in those areas your skin will rub, for example under the armpits.
I hope these tips will serve you well for  the perfect tan on the big day, and if your planning an extended honeymoon don’t forget some top up tan to take with you!
Happy Tanning!

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