Tan by Lucy Lane

Why Tan by Lucy Lane is the right solution for you:
Natural Looking Colour
Tan by Lucy Lane has been designed to look natural, no orange overtones.
Tan by Lucy Lane is a Green Based solution.
Long lasting and durable, Tan by Lucy Lane will last 7-14 days.
Smell.... What Smell?
Tan by Lucy Lane  is completely odorless, no perfumes or fragrances. 

Products that contain fragrances can hide hundreds of different types of ingredients and Tan by Lucy Lane is organic and healthy and has no nasties to hide.

Sweet Ganache (1L)
Espresso Blast Spray Solution 12% (1L)
Tankini Spray Solution 14.8% Mixed Base (1L)
Cacao Riche Spray Solution 14.8% Green Base (1L)