Espresso Blast Spray Solution 12% (1L)

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Many people are turning to Spray Tanning to avoid the negative effects of baking in the sun — one of those being an increased risk of skin cancer and another being the ageing effects of sun exposure to the skin. However, spray some Spray Tans can look unnatural, patchy or streaky. We have the products to help you give your clients a safe, rich dark tan that looks just as if you’ve been lying in the sun all day, but without the negative side effects.

Spray It Don’t Bake It. Tan by Lucy Lane uses the highest grade DHA, and being an organic tan, is paraben free and suitable for all skin types and colours. The aloe vera based products soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. The professional salon application and home care products give a rich, natural looking bronzed glow, quickly and inexpensively without the worries of premature ageing, skin cancer or chemicals on the skin. We don’t test any of our products on animals. In fact, as avid animal lovers, we have pledged a percentage of all product sales from Tan by Lucy Lane to Red Collar Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue in Queensland.

At Tan by Lucy Lane, we are the self-tanning experts in Australia and we’re passionate about tanning. We offer both reliable performance and fantastic support, resulting in superior treatments and great profits for your business. 



  • PETA and PETA Vegan approval
  • Flexibility in Tan choices for clients by tailoring our Solutions
  • Touch dry on the skin in under 5 minutes. Non sticky solution, easy to wear on the skin
  • No mess
  • No overspray
  • No booth mess
  • Organic
  • No odour
  • Cost effective and good profits
  • Easy to spray, only a light spray is needed
  • Paraben and Alcohol Free
  • Superior moisture lock to keep skin hydrated using Aloe Vera
  • Organic Tan removing all nasties
  • Excellent tan durability and fading qualities
  • Mix our solutions to create Tailored Tan Cocktails
  • Superior moisture lock
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Sleep in our Tans for even more Tan depth in each Solution
  • Medium Bronzing Solution

Espresso Blast is perfect for light to medium tanning and an excellent choice for brides. Ideal for clients wanting a rich, natural tan. 

Formulated with a moisturising blend of vitamins and antioxidants, our Espresso Blast 12% Solution allows you to offer an exceptional natural looking tan. Formulated with high grade DHA and moisturising blend of vitamins and antioxidants, all Tan by Lucy Lane products allows you to offer a natural alternative of spray tan to your clients while still achieving a beautiful, natural bronzed tan.



For professional application, this high quality spray tan solution should be applied evenly to desired parts of the body using a HVLP or airbrush spray tan system

Ensure skin is clean, exfoliated and without moisturisers or deodorants.