Summer's Secret (200ml)

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Summer's Secret - 200ml

In a world first for the self tanning industry, this AMAZING 2in1 product both BUILDS and EXTENDS the life of your SunFX tan.

The hydration base of Summer Secrets means your skin never looses moisture, and the natural DHA additives of a Sun FX fake tan means that your constantly topping up your colour.

Summer secrets builds a long lasting, natural glowing tan whilst leaving the skin feeling wonderfully smooth and soft.

All SunFX products are 100% natural using no alcohol's, no preservatives, no oils, no perfumes, no parabens and no odors.

So how do we create such amazing products?
Well, the secret here is our advanced all natural formula which combines highly purified water, natural bronzers, with the purest dihydroxyacetone available.

This 100% natural ECOCERT DHA reacts with your skins amino acids and will produce a rich completely natural looking tan.

Sun FX believes in the power of mother nature, it's simply our job to bring her ingredients together to give you the best possible tan with the best natural products available.