ROX TAN Original 6hr Tan 5L

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Wash 6 hours after application. A 100% natural complexion tan with high concentration Erythrulose. The longer waiting period before washing gives clients flexibility in their day or night to leave the application on longer than the 2 hour tan.

* active ingredients fully absorbed at 6 hours - wash at your leisure after this time period

Deep seated - long lasting results are achieved using 100% premium ingredients with no low grade substitutes. Your skin will be left deeply moisturised by Vitamin E and Glycerin - while the antioxidants Gingko Biloba, Green Tea Leaf and Guava Fruit extracts will leave you with younger looking skin - smooth and refreshed !


Requires Only 1 Application

[ highly efficient solution - dark results with minimal volume applied ]

Available in 3 strengths to suit all skin types

Erythrulose Rich formulation [ vastly improves natural tan development ]

Ultra-Pure Pharmaceutically DHA [ 99.8% ]

Long Lasting 7-10 day tan


Compatible for use in ALL hand held tanning machines.


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