b.tan forever + ever (1L)

pro spray mist | 1 L

when there’s no such thing as too much of a good tan

what am i?

an ultra long lasting pro spray mist. you're no stranger to a bangin’ tan but you're looking for a longer term commitment? no one night stands here. just an afterglow that lasts… and lasts... and lasts! (well up to 7 days anyways).

why you'll love me

  • i’ll make you b.tan forever + ever (well up to 7 days anyways)
  • scrap your weekly tanning routine and b.tanned longer than ever before
  • in what feels like forever, you'll soon forget your pasty past
  • i'm 100% vegan, free of nasties like parabens and i love animals so am 100% cruelty free


    1. Start with clean, dry exfoliated skin

    2. Pour spray solution into spray tan cup

    3. Use spray tan machine to evenly spray body

    4. Let Tan develop for 1-8 hours

    5. Rinse in luke warm water, no soaps!