Caribbean Chocolate Lv 3 Dark Summer (1L)

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About SunFX Caribbean Chocolate 3 (Dark)

Caribbean Chocolate is unlike any product in the SunFX range. Its smooth and rich texture is a must try for every spray tanner.
The usual Golden Bronze tan produced by SunFX products has been replaced with a deep chocolate tan which has the most natural of results. Caribbean chocolate is the ultimate in spray tan envy.

Available in 3 colour gradings, Light, Mid and Dark.  

All SunFX products are 100% natural using no alcohol's, no preservatives, no oils, no perfumes, no parabans and no odors.

So how do we create such amazing products?
The secret here is the advanced all natural formula which combines highly purified water, natural bronzers, with the purest dihydroxyacetone available. This 100% natural ECOCERT DHA reacts with your skins amino acids and will produce a rich completely natural looking tan.

Sun FX believes in the power of mother nature, it's simply our job to bring her ingredients together to give you the best possible tan with the best natural products available.