ROX TAN - 2hr Tan 1L

Wash 2 hours after application. [ Develops progressively over 6 - 8 hours after showering ]

Achieve a Long Lasting - 100% Natural Complexion tan with minimal disruption to your day.

High quality skin absorbents [ DMI ] accelerate the delivery of the natural tanning ingredients into the outer skin layers - while the [ DHA - Erythrulose ] combination generates a deeply rich tanned tone - equivalent to that of a 'real' sun tan.

Requires Only 1 Application [ Dark results with minimal volume applied ]

Available in 3 Strengths [ Light - Medium - Dark ]

Erythrulose Rich Formulation   [ Vastly Improves Natural Tone ]

Ultra-Pure Pharmaceutical DHA  [ 99.8% ]

DMI Enhanced Formula   [ Accelerated Skin Absorption ]

Long Lasting 7-10 Day Tan

Compatible for use in ALL hand held tanning machines.

Rox Tan products are all shipped via courier. Shipping may not be available to remote areas. Enquiries welcome at